Lara Marcin

Deep research into your subject develops your project’s movement personality

The Chainsmokers Memories: Do Not Open tour

Creating the physicality and body language of your characters brings them to life

The Mortality Machine larp/immersive theater production with Sinking Ship Creations

Choreography informed by your music’s tones and lineages makes your music visceral

"Love That Hurts" from ZHU's DUNE tour at Brooklyn Steel

By changing a norm of your physical behavior, you find new opportunities to express yourself

Femininity abstract documental installation

Lara Marcin

Black and white photograph of Lara Marcin doing a split jump in front of a white wall
I do my work to touch people, to hold people, to bring people on a ride, to stir people's bodies to action.
I want people to feel the music they're hearing, to develop relationships with the characters of a story, to use their bodies to communicate what they want. To any degree of subtlety or bluntness, I want my work to make people feel that they are being danced with.


Acting Meisner technique
Concert Dance
ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, hula, Senegalese ballet
Street Dance
commercial hip hop, house, breaking, afro fusion
Social Dance
tango, zouk, bachata, salsa, waltz
Musicianship voice, piano, tap
Portrait photograph of Lara Marcin in front of a deserted landscape

Lara Marcin

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